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NTLA 2016 Conference Slideshow

David Matheson (right) welcomes Cris Stainbrook, president of the Indian Land Tenure Foundation, to the Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort Hotel.
Chiarpah Matheson presenting an engaging presentation on applying cultural values in today's land acquisition strategies.
Conference attendees had free access to the ESRI Hands-On Learning Lab where they could do training modules for ArcGIS software.
The annual conference is an excellent opportunity for tribal land professionals to network with each other in a fun environment.
The registration desk is open throughout the conference for attendees who have questions.
Hainline was among the conference exhibitors who met tribal land staff professionals.
Representatives from the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations were on hand to answer questions.
NTLA board members welcomed attendees to the exhibition hall.
NTLA board member Bryan Van Stippen (right) awarded prizes to numerous conference attendees.
More than 250 attendees participated in the 2016 Tribal Land Staff National Conference.
The conference offers a variety of learning opportunities including the popular book raffle.