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Conference Overview & Agenda 2017

Overview screen shotConference registration includes three days of information-packed sessions, an evening reception and networking lunches. Download Conference Overview or Conference Agenda 

Land/Realty Office Topics 

  1. Indigenous Place-making: A Mapping Tool
  2. Securing Land Assets Through Data Automation 
  3. Title Defects & Remedies  
  4. AIPRA & Probate Regulations - CLE Pending
  5. Purchase at Probate
  6. Creating a Web-mapping Platform    
  7. Land Buy-Back Program


  1. Foundations of NEPA
  2. Reviewing NEPA Documents
  3. Cultural Conservation & Open Space Easements
  4. Cultural Landscape Approaches to Tribal Design and Preservation
  5. Fundamentals of a Tribal Historical Preservation Office
  6. Application of “Winters” Reserved Water Rights - CLE Pending
  7. Tamaya Land: History to Current Day
  8. Tamaya Village Tour
  9. Introduction to Indian Water Rights and Settlements

Advancing Sovereignty and Self-Determination

  1. Leasing Versus Assignment
  2. Contracting & Compacting BIA Functions - CLE Pending
  3. Taxation on Tribal Trust Lands - CLE Pending
  4. Preparing Land Use Plans
  5. Fee Acquisition & Fee-to-Trust ( Basic) - CLE Pending
  6. Fee-to-Trust and Reservation Proclamations - CLE Pending
  7. TAAMS and Tribal Recording Offices
  8. BIA Forms Update
  9. Case Law and Legislative Updates - CLE Pending
  10. When Real Estate Meets Economic Development
  11. Negotiating Agreements with Other Jurisdictions


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