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Indian Land Forum

Here's a sampling of the type of resources available on Indian Land Forum website. The Forum is accessible to any individual who works in some capacity involving land for a tribal nation. See the Forum for more information.

Process Chart to Obtain a Connection to TAAMS
This graphic shows all of the steps a tribe would need to take to acquire a connection to TAAMS. (2011 Conference)

Negotiating Easements, Rights-of-Way and Service Line Agreements 
This PowerPoint presentation covers the strategies and elements needed to negotiate and process a right-of-way with utility companies, state governments and local municipalities that affect tribal lands and how to use service line agreements to obtain utilities for housing. (2013 Conference)

For other resources like these on topics such as fee-to-trust acquisitions, leasing (residential, commercial and agricultural), wills and probate, and environmental regulations, log in to the Indian Land Forum.

Discussion thread samples

Assignment vs. Leasing - “I am interested in hearing people's experiences and impressions regarding whether a tribe should assign vs. lease land.  Which addresses issues of disposition on death or divorce better?  What about eminent domain?”

Response:  We do leases and assignments --- We have encouraged the use of wills to resolved ownership issues on Trust Lands. We also encouraged the T/M to identify a … (log into the Forum to join the conversation)

ALTA Title forms in Indian Country - “The title industry will soon be discussing possible need for forms tailored to tribal and other Indian transactions. Now is the time for …. to give feedback on areas of concerns or where tribes….”

Response:  Fractionated interests will be purchased … the land acquisition portion for the Tribal Land Department needs updating and reviewing.  Planning for the economic changes… (log into the Forum to join the conversation)

Indian Land Forum

The Indian Land Forum was developed to provide a secure place for tribal land professionals to share resources, discuss relevant topics and network with their peers throughout Indian Country.