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Meet the exhibitors who participated in 2023

Thank you exhibitors!

Thank you to everyone who exhibited at the 13th Tribal Land Staff National Conference in Las Vegas. More than 300 people attended the event at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The Tribal Land Staff National Conference is the largest gathering of tribal land professionals from across Indian Country and is a great opportunity to showcase your products, services and information to an influential audience.

For information on exhibiting, please contact David Garelick by emailing or call 651-789-1748.

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2023 Conference Exhibitors




Esri applies The Science of Where to unlock data’s full potential in every organization. We continue to pioneer real-world problem solving using geographic information systems (GIS). GIS technology helps in managing all aspects of land information and land records, including land tenure, value, management, and use. With all land information in a GIS-based comprehensive land administration system, tribal governments are able to improve land information management and communication with the public.

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The Indian Land Capital Company (ILCC) was created in 2005 as a partnership between ILTF and the Native American Community Development Corporation (NACDC) to provide financing to Native nations for land acquisition on a full-faith-and-credit basis. ILCC is a for-profit organization and certified Native American Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI) that has made millions of dollars in loans to Native nations without a single default or significant delinquency. As a Native-run business, ILCC understands and supports tribal sovereignty and recognizes the importance of land to Indian people.

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The Indian Land Tenure Foundation is a national, community-based organization serving American Indian nations and people in the recovery and control of their rightful homelands. ILTF promotes education, increases cultural awareness, creates economic opportunity, and aims to reform the legal and administrative systems that prevent American Indian people from owning and controlling reservation lands.

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NICC is an Indian-led nonprofit program that helps tribal nations and individual Indian landowners take advantage of carbon credit and other environmental commodities markets through the development of carbon sequestration or offset projects. Its mission is to preserve tribal land ownership and reduce the effects of climate change. Carbon projects offer a unique opportunity for tribes to protect their land, preserve it for future generations and generate long-term income for the tribe with minimal risk and maximum return. NICC is a trusted partner for tribes and tribal communities, ensuring that tribal interests are protected and potential revenues are maximized. Learn more at





The National Tribal Land Association (NTLA) is committed to helping tribal land professionals enhance their skills and knowledge through education, networking and collaboration. NTLA began as a vision of what Indian Country could become if those working for tribes in land-related positions had opportunities to come together for learning, sharing, collaborating and networking. That vision turned into the annual Tribal Land Staff National Conference, which is being held for the 12th time in 2023. As the organization continues to grow, NTLA’s mission and goals stand true to the needs of tribal land professionals.

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SEE Renewal

SEE Renewal is a multidisciplinary consulting firm specializing in tribal government, economic development, energy development, and resource management. We offer specialized knowledge of federal trust obligations, policy, programs, and administrative processes that relate to on-reservation economies, land development, and resource management. SEE Renewal works with tribal nations and private sector organizations on projects aimed at strengthening on-reservation communities, growing and developing tribal economies, and making efficient use of lands and resources.
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Intertribal Agriculture Council

The Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) is a Native-led, 501 (c)(3) organization founded in 1987 to pursue and promote the conservation, development, and use of our agricultural resources for the betterment of our people. IAC works to dismantle systemic inequities and remove barriers to resources for American Indian and Alaska Native food producers. Since its founding, IAC has become a leading voice on Indian agricultural policies and programs that revitalize and advance Tribal food systems and economic development in Indian Country.

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Cornerstone Construction Company

Construction has been a fundamental necessity since the beginning of time. Since its conception, construction has evolved to quite literally reach the skies. At Cornerstone, we believe that two characteristics of modern-day construction define the client’s experience: Quality and Communication.
As a Southern California General A & B, we are excited to take your project from conceptual ideas to efficient construction plans to framing to a beautifully cleaned space that is ready to hand you the keys.
Tour through a Cornerstone home right now from your seat today!
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Oak & Stone Development



Native Land Information System






Bureau of Land Management



US Forest Service Department of Agriculture


1st Tribal Lending



Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians



Bureau of Indian Affairs