History of NTLA

From idea to inception in 2013

NTLA was started by a devoted group of tribal land professionals from across Indian Country who came together following the 1st Tribal Land Staff National Conference in 2011. These volunteers formed a steering committee to work with Indian Land Tenure Foundation staff to plan and host the 2012 conference. This group expanded after the 2012 conference and met monthly to create the framework for a national association to meet the needs of tribal land professionals.

“We are all facing similar challenges, but before NTLA began it wasn't easy to connect with other tribal land staff to share ideas and solutions.”

-Land manager

The group passed bylaws at the 2013 conference to become a full-fledged professional association. During this start-up period, the decision was made to not seek 501(c)3 non-profit status until it becomes financially viable. NTLA currently operates as a non-profit association with the Indian Land Tenure Foundation serving as its fiscal agent.

NTLA Committees

Join one of the committees described below if you would like to make an impact on behalf of your fellow tribal land professionals.